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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Saw it coming

I think I knew deep down I wouldn't keep up with a blog as often as I thought I would. But just having one and knowing I make goals keeps them in the front of my mind, even if I don't "write down" my updates. As the new year begins, I do have goals for each of the main areas I did last year and hope to continue working toward bettering myself in those ways. So, just so I keep them in mind, I'm going to at least write out my goals for this year.

1. Spiritually: This may be vague, but I need to work on my prayer relationship with God... remembering him throughout the day and talking to Him often. Secondly, to read and study the Bible more- focusing on passages for days at a time to draw a deeper understanding and remembrance.

2. Physically: I do not intend to do intense work-out routines or anything, but my main goal is to tone muscles and increase flexibility. Brisk walking, pull-ups, push-ups, ab routine, and yoga. With eating, I intend to cut nearly all processed and sugar foods from grocery shopping and focus on buying lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. No more sugary drinks- just teas, and lots of water.

3. Mentally: I realized pushing myself to make myself read did not work last year, so instead I plan on always having a book that I am reading but not putting a time limit on when to finish and start the next. I'm currently reading The Maze Runner and have a few other books in mind I would like to read this year.

4. Socially: Sending cards, notes, and gifts to people who need encouragement or who are sick. Also birthday/anniversary cards!!!! I'm so bad at this! I need to do better. My mom and aunt and granny are so good about it and I want to be the same way!

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